Monday, April 16, 2012

Strawberries and a Cone Head

So tell me, who doesn't love strawberry pancakes? Especially strawberry pancakes for dinner? I do, they're absolutely delicious and a great way to get a little fruit in. My favorite thing to do with Bisquick pancake mix is to add a teaspoon of each nutmeg and vanilla extract to the batter (if making a full batch). It gives it the right amount of sweetness and an extra punch of flavor. Amazing.


Doesn't that make you drool?

Photo courtesy of my lovely fiance :)

In other happy news, Mr. Bruno does NOT need surgery!! Well, not right now. The small mass on his mouth may go away, as the vet said. But, he does have to wear a satellite dish for now because of the chocolate incident. When he had the chocolate incident last week, he had to have his poor puppy arm shaved for his IV. Now he won't stop licking it and it's starting to get very irritated. So now he gets a cone until his arm heals.

He looks pissed. But a cute sort of pissed.

I'm just going to say, I took this while parked. Sad pupperface....

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