Sunday, April 15, 2012

And It Starts...

I am aware it is not Christmas. BUT! With that said, what better way to start a new blog than to showcase my awesome family? Here we are, all sitting lovely. Too much going on? Okay, I'll introduce the characters here:

 This is my fiance Jake. He's pretty awesome. And he put a ring on it. Get to know him, he's a main character in my life!

 This is Bruno. Or, as we like to say, Senior Bruno (Spanish for Mr, not older; I'll figure out that accent thing soon enough!). You will see a lot of Bruno, as he is my favorite subject to photograph, mostly because I think he is ridiculously cute! But, Bruno is the lemon of all dogs. Money pit if I ever saw one. He's lucky he's cute, or.....

 Here is Fitch. No, he is not dead, he just looks dead when he sleeps. He was my cat. Now he is our cat. Fitch is whiny, and currently has a thing about peeing where he is not supposed to. Yucks.

 This is Toonces. Toonces has an affinity for drinking out of water glasses and walking on the counters. He is Jake's cat, and his baby. Wherever Jake is, Toonces is not far. He was rescued out of his friend's house that was under construction. Aside from the water glass/counter battle, he's a pretty chill cat.

This is Vin. Vin is the strangest cat, and we acquired him from a friend who couldn't keep him. Vin wants to be in my lap, but if I pet him, he bites. But he lets me put objects on his head, so I think he's neat.

 And then there is me. I'm currently a brace face. See it in all it's brace-like glory.
There are going to be a lot of fun things coming up, because I want this
blog to be a showcase of all the fun/creative/interesting/entertaining
things we have going on... Kind of like an online diary with pictures,
how-to's, video's, recipes, and a lot of commentary about our impending
wedding and my weight loss.

Oh, and dog pictures. Lots of dog pictures.
Like this one of Bruno's new haircut! How stylish is he?
We moved to our new home in October 2011. Since then, we've had a lot of things come up and go on, and I want to document it.. One day I'll print it all off into a book. One day. Until then, there is this!
Until next time!

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