Thursday, October 11, 2012

CPCU, Wedding, Work.

Things have been insane over here. Jake and I have been working our little tails off at our jobs, he is in "season" for his work, and I'm also studying for my CPCU. I've been going for my CPCU for almost two years; it will be two years in January. I have five exams done, three to go. I want those four little letters after my name so badly I can taste it, TASTE IT.

I've been sucked into the myriad world of insurance... Insurance all day, insurance all night, insurance while I'm waiting at the dentist (like today), insurance in my dang sleep. All day.... insurance. My goal is to have it done by January 15th, that way I can take the next two months and really focus on the wedding....

But seriously, anyone who knows me alright knows I have the wedding stuff on lock. Pretty much all done. Venue, food, cake, centerpieces, dress.... all done. So is the honeymoon, transportation, and flowers. And pretty much everything else.

It's funny to think about where I am in my life and what is and isn't supposed to stress me out. I'm supposed to be stressed by this wedding, apparently.

Why aren't you more worried about the details?
Aren't you afraid something is going to go wrong?
Isn't Jake having his bachelor party for a WHOLE WEEKEND?? OMG! WHAT IF THERE ARE STRIPPERS????

So what. This lady is not concerned. And why would I be? I am marrying an amazing man at the peak time of my life. This wedding does not stress me out. Work, that stressed me out. The CPCU? That stressed me out. The freaking Packers stress me out more!!! Just win darn-it!

End of rant. Here are some sleeping Bruno pics for your enjoyment. Yes I am a creeper when it comes to taking pics of my dog. No, I do not care.

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  1. At least you're not INSTAGRAMMING all these pictures of your dog.