Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Starter Garden in a Drought

Obviously this is my first year with my garden. I've never grown a garden before. And of course, I had to pick a summer that has a drought to start my first. The water issue here is awful. We haven't had any rain in how long? Since May? Not to mention the two weeks of straight 90-100+ degree weather. This summer has been hot, and it's been hurting my poor garden.

These photos I am going to post were taken a few weeks ago, during the middle of June. I haven't taken many photos of the garden now, as it's really not doing very well.  I'll post some updated photos and also another post about my food preservation again very soon.

The blog is kind of slow right now. I do apologize for the lack of posts, but I've been insanely busy and have had a lot of things happen.

Onto the photos!
Took some photos of my very first heirloom purple snap bean flowers. It was amazing to see something so beautiful pop up.
Not too impressed with the potatoes in the sacks. The burlap sacks themselves are actually rotted through in the bottom, which I did not expect, nor am I happy with. I think next year I won't do potatoes.
The little bitty asparagus ferns are doing very well :) Just think, only two more years and we will be snacking on yummy, crunchy, organic, delicious asparagus from the garden!

As I said before, these photos are a few weeks old. It's amazing to think how much different things look now. I was out there today, and the corn and beets above are twice as large than in this photo. I did get really anxious to see what the beets looked like. I have seen so many people putting out beautiful photos of their beets. . . . So I pulled one up. And look! There is a tiny little beet! And it was very hard, but it was goooood. A little hard to eat with braces though.
Sadly, the sugar snap peas in the bottom part of this bed.... well they are not doing well in the heat. They're really hurting. There are over 20 pea plants in that photo. I sadly only have about 6 left. They have sizzled and scorched, and I could not keep up with watering them. Twice a day wasn't enough in the insane heat, and it's pretty common knowledge peas don't like intense heat. Another lesson learned.
The tomato plants above are a lot bigger, but there is sad news with the tomatoes that will come later. Those little banana peppers are going crazy though, I've harvested 22 so far, and I have pickled some! My first canning experience! But that definitely deserves its own post, also coming soon.
I have picked two zucchinis, one I used in a delish chicken dish, and the other is going to be used for something.... not sure though.

Here are two views of the garden, this one from the back.

This one is from the front facing the back. You can see it from all angles, loves the garden!

I really love seeing all of the zucchini blossoms bloom in the mornings. It makes everything a little brighter and a bit easier to handle.

Here is a Bruno picture for your viewing pleasure. I love taking photos of him when he first wakes up. I have a bunch of them, and once day I will post a whole collection for you, my lovely readers and Bruno enthusiasts :)


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