Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Quick Snippet Update

Don't have a lot of time to write, but here are some fun photos for you're viewing pleasure!

I went to the local farmers market here on Saturday and bought Señor Bruno an awesome little scarf. Or so I thought. Until Jake told me he looks like a "gay cowboy." Personally, I like the scarf, but whatever. So this is Señor Bruno, modeling his new doggy scarf. He's more fashionable than I am now!
 And this one... well, we sprung a leak in our boiler's pressure tank (yes, you read correctly, we have a boiler and not a furnace) so we currently don't have heat. We came home Sunday and Jake wanted to take a nap, and of course wrapped up in the blanket because he was cold. Well, the animals must have been cold too, because they all flocked to him. Aside from Vin because he was pretty sick and exiled to the basement. Exiled for his own good. He's now better and back to the group.
I've been doing a short series of Señor Bruno waking up in the morning. This one didn't turn out amazing, but still ridiculously cute.

More to come!

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